Benefits of Purchasing OPI Gel Polish

Let us put it out there – when it comes to nail polish, we believe that you ought to purchase OPI gel polish. If you cannot go to the store, just buy OPI gel polish online. Now, you might be wondering why we are asking you to ditch your acrylic nail polish and opt for the OPI gel polish instead – the answer to which is as simple as this: it is the best option for a glossy and long-lasting manicure.

Let us have a look at the top benefits of purchasing OPI gel polish.

Benefits of Purchasing OPI Gel Polish

Wide Range of Long-Lasting Shades & Hues

If you were to start lining up the colors, shades, and hues of the OPI gel polish, you would be astonished to see the wide range of colors being offered. The intense shine of the colors allows you to have the perfect manicure at home while having your nails look as if they have been manicured at the best nail salon.

Acrylic Nails vs. OPI Gel Nails – Know the Difference

Anyone who wants to understand the essential benefits of OPI gel polish would help learn about the differences between acrylic and OPI gel polish. After understanding what is going on with an acrylic manicure and an OPI gel manicure, your first and foremost choice will be to purchase OPI gel polish.

How long do Acrylic vs. OPI Gel Nails Last

If you are into following the latest beauty trends, you might be hooked to acrylic nails, especially when you are into longer nails with unique nail shapes. If we look at the duration length of the acrylic manicure, the acrylic nails can last up to two and three weeks. The acrylic nails can also be filled and thus help with natural nail growth.

When it comes to long-lasting manicures, you will find the OPI gel polish stands out from other nail polish options. With proper after-care, the OPI gel polish can last more than three weeks, even up to four weeks. Besides, the OPI gel polish exudes a professional finishing touch, which will cause many envious looks from the onlookers.

Application of Acrylic Nails vs. OPI Gel Nails

A long nail or tip of the nail is applied to one’s natural oil while using an adhesive mixed of nail powder and liquid. The OPI gel polish is applied in different parts: firstly, a gel base coat is applied, then comes the coat of your selected OPI gel polish, and lastly, a free topcoat is applied.

Lastly, the OPI gel polish manicured nails are cured under an LED light. The dry-quick formula of the OPI gel polish won’t take more than 10 minutes for the curing process. Do you want to know the best part? You can apply the OPI gel nail polish on top of your natural nails and acrylic-coated nails alike!

Did we mention before that in case you have bent, peeling, brittle, and damaged nails, you can make good use of the “Stay Strong Base Coat” of the OPI Gel nail polish?

Removing Acrylic Nails vs. OPI Gel Polish Nails

While you can move acrylic nails with a soak-off technique (non-damaging), the OPI gel polish manicure includes a similar technique, which allows for a smooth nail polish removal technique. However, make sure to remove the previous manicure completely before going for a fresh manicure with the best OPI gel polish of all times.

Purchase OPI Gel Polish for Healthy Nails

Did you know that your health regime isn’t confined to your body, sleep, mental, and emotional health? If you truly want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you must purchase OPI gel polish and include your beauty game in the healthy up-gradation. There are numerous cosmetic brands and skincare companies that are raising the bar with the inclusion of healthy ingredients, which is why you should include the same for your manicure.

The OPI gel polish doesn’t only guarantee a glossy, long-lasting finish. Still, it also contributes to healthy nails, which means that you can polish and style your nails and make an ultimate fashion statement without sacrificing your healthy nails.

The OPI gel polish now includes a ProHealth System, which includes a base and top coat that are perfectly designed for the care and protection of your nails. And the best part is that your nails maintain their health while maintaining their glossy shine. If you are looking for an unchipped, healthy, glossy, and long-lasting manicure, you should purchase the amazing range of OPI gel polish.


The long-lasting wear of the OPI gel polish can even surpass four weeks, given the fact that you incorporate effective after-care. Rest assured, once you buy OPI gel, you will feel like your manicure game has entirely changed, making you feel more confident about your manicure look.