Best DND DC Gel Polish Colors

Daisy DND is a style business enterprise started in 2011 by Loc Duong. He noticed a large void in the nail care enterprise within the US. This void drove him to begin his organization named Daisy DND within the United States. DND nail is a popular name in the US and different areas of the globe. They produce numerous nail elements from polishes to lacquers and all other nail care essentials.

New DND gel polish are available in many unique colors like pink, red, lavender, black, purple, etc.  They produce polishes in different colors to offer clients the possibility to test with new colorations on their nails. DND products don’t chip off or fade after a brief time. DND gel polishes have been confirmed to live sufficiently before you convert them. Their merchandise is one in each of the goods licensed to last at least three weeks on the finger without fading away.

Besides gel nail polishes, DND additionally produces top-fine color swatches to present approximately a specific polish shade.

DND additionally produces collections and sets from their company. Sets and collections are packs of various nail care merchandise like gel and lacquers. DND has loads of tremendous collections. DND made those collections for multiple events and numerous climate conditions. They additionally made a few different units for vacations or seaside vacations.

DND DC Gel Polish

DND DC gel polish applies like a polish, but it cures quickly and easily with either a UV or LED lamp with gel permanence. A giant 15ml bottle means the colors last for longer too! Each set has a matching gel and nail polish, so no matter what color you choose from our collection of over 130 colors,  you can achieve a stylish, extended-wear look.

Fusing essential nutrients with their gel polish guarantees that your nails do no only look remarkable with polish on but still keep your nails in perfect condition when it’s removed. DND DC gel polish is ideal for each salon use and the house DIYer. Some of the best DND DC gel polish colors are:

255 – Chasing Summer

Chasing Summer is a well-known top-quality DND DC Gel polish. Chasing Summer looks awesome for various events. It is an aquamarine gel that looks green. This polish has a thin formulation which makes it easy to apply. It has a plastic-like finish, and it’s in two coats. You can apply the sache vite top coat after applying the chasing summer to make it more beautiful.

257 – Mermaid Blue

This is a regular polish that is similar to #254 but has a plastic-like finish. The formulation is thick, and it takes three coats, after which you can apply the sache vite top coat on it. This gel uses two coats, and the third one is derived from #900 DC No cleanser to Coat.

256 – Walk on Water

This #256 polish is a consistent nail polish similar to the #255. The finish of this formulation is also plastic-like. To become opaque, it needs three coats, but the first two coats make it thin, and then you can apply the #900 No Cleanser TopCoat to finish it.

254 – Forest Green

The 254-Forest Green Gel Polish is a medium bright green polish that gives you a chic look. The formulation is thick, and it has a plastic-like finish. And it only requires two coats to be opaque, after which the seche viche topcoat is applied to bring out the forest green color more.

258 – Shine Bright

This gel polish has a yellow highlighter with a hint of green. It is thick like the #254 and is not an easy polish to master. And it requires five coats to complete, including the seche viche top coat. If you want to reduce the number of coats, you can use a white base coat. The white base coat would need just two coats.  And you can apply the topcoat after applying the two coats like yellow gel formula coats.

274 – Zesty Vibes

This gel polish gives a very bright orange color which is a beautiful color to all manicure lovers. It is smooth and also has a plastic-like finish, and it is like the #255 gel. It needs two coats and a topcoat finish like the sache vite TopCoat.

260 – Electric Purple

Purple is a bright lovable color for manicure lovers, and this particular gel gives a neon purple result on the nails. It is an easy gel to apply with just two coats needed, including the sache vite top coat. After the two coats, you can use the #900 DC Cleanse Topcoat.


Gel polishes are one of the best innovations in the manicured field. DND DC gel nail polish has some of the best gel polishes that give the nail beautiful looks. You can pick different colors for your outfits from their wide range of gel polish colors. Get yours today to look radiant and beautiful.