Dipping Powder Starter Kit – A Scintillating Way to Start Your Nail Manicure

As a woman, you would have envied how salon technicians convert your nails into a work of art. Yes, they have the talent to make your nails look stunning and beautiful. If we tell you that you can do the same job at home, how would you feel? Are you jumping out of your seats in excitement right now? The fantastic news is that you can do an equally incredible nail manicure in the privacy of your home. All you need is lots of practice, patience, and an excellent dipping powder starter kit like Nugenesis.

Here are the ingredients of your starter kit.

Nail Prep – Preparing your nail for the manicure is critical. The dipping powder or gel should stick to your nails perfectly and last for a minimum of three weeks. Otherwise, it could chip off and make your hands look ungainly. The nail prep solution is ideally suited to get you starting.

Gel Dip & Top – Dipping powder is a dry component that can be dusted off quickly. The secret of a high-quality dipping powder job is how the salon technician bonds the powder to the nail and shine finish. Gel Dip & Top is a gel resin that does the bonding job to perfection.

Gel Activator – The gel resin must be activated to bond with the powder and stick to your nails. Simultaneously, it should ensure that the gel resin dries quickly. The advantage of dipping powder nail manicure is the minimum time it requires for drying. You need not place your fingers under a UV lamp. The gel activator ensures the bonding and the drying, as well.

Powder Colors – The fantastic thing about a dip powder job is that you can experiment with an astounding spectrum of colors. You can choose the perfect color, depending on your skin tone. Nugenesis presents a magnificent array of dipping powder colors that could make your eyes pop out in excitement.

Dust Brush – A dipping powder job can get messy if you do not dust off the excess powder from your nails. Secondly, applying too much powder can thicken the nail manicure and cause it to chip off later. The ideal coat is essential. You can use the dust brush available in your dipping powder starter kit to dust off the excess powder and ensure a thin coating.

Nail File – Your nails should be smooth for an excellent dipping powder nail manicure. You do not have to search for a nail file as you sit down for a dipping powder job. Your starter kit includes a sterilized nail file that can be reused several times. However, you should ensure to sterilize them before use every time.

3-way buffer or sander – The nail file is an excellent tool to smooth out the nail edges. The buffer or the sander enables you to even out the surface of the nail. The 3-way buffer is gentle on the nails and ensures a fantastic job.

A couple of extra brushes for the gel dip and top replacement – Due to consumers’ persistent demands, the dip powder starter kit includes a couple of additional brushes for applying the gel dip and top resins. Thus, you do not have to scurry around looking for a gel brush when you need it the most.

Now that you have a high-quality Nugenesis starter kit in your hands, you should know how to use it.

  1. Preparing the nails for the job is the first step in a dipping powder nail manicure.
  2. Use the sterilized nail file and buffer to even out the nail surface and smooth out the edges.
  3. Wash your nails thoroughly with sanitized soap and water. Do not use sanitizers on your hand before a dipping powder manicure.
  4. Apply the basecoat to the nail, and immediately dip your nails into the dipping powder color of your choice.
  5. Dust off the excess dipping powder from the nails to get an even look.
  6. Apply the gel activator to bond the powder with the basecoat.
  7. Open the topcoat finish bottle and apply the topcoat using gentle swipes. Do not apply thick coats, as it could look smudgy.
  8. Repeat the entire process for each of your nails.
  9. The topcoat dries almost immediately as you apply it. Therefore, there is no need for the UV nail polish drying procedure.
  10. Your dip powder nail manicure is over. You will be surprised to see that you have done as good a job as the salon technicians do.


Practice and patience are two virtues that you need to become a master nail technician. It will be the icing on the cake if you use quality products like NuGenesis dip nails. Keep admiring your nails and show it off on social media channels to your near and dear ones.