Nugenesis Dip Powder – The One That the New Generation Loves

Medically, studies have proved that the nails reflect the state of one’s health perfectly. Similarly, well-manicured nails symbolize a women’s beauty and take it to an enchanting level. One of the crucial factors responsible for healthy and well-manicured nails is nail polish quality. There cannot be a better technique of applying nail polish than using NuGenesis dip powder.

Nugenesis Dip Powder

NuGenesis Dip Powder – An Excellent Experience

Nail polish is one thing that women love to experiment a lot. One has to concede that every woman has her specific tastes, but when it comes to NuGenesis, there seems to be a unique consensus. Why should there not be when it is one of the most trusted techniques globally?

The best aspect of NuGenesis Dip powder is that it is non-toxic and odor-free. Women love it because it does not take much time or ultraviolet radiation to dry. As it is an organically processed powder, it does not contain harmful primers that can irritate or damage the skin. Calcium and Vitamin E present in NuGenesis dip powder strengthens the nails and make it last for long.

This environmentally friendly nail polish is water-resistant and gives out a natural look and feel. On the cosmetic front, this nail dip powder is incredible. On the health quotient, it is excellent. The ease of removing this polish and reapplying it when needed makes NuGenesis Dip Powder the most coveted nail polish.

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Facts about Dip Powder That You Should Know

  • Dip powder polish can remain on natural nails for two to four weeks. It depends on how rapidly your nails grow as healthy people exhibit better and faster growth. Hence, the frequency of applying dip powder should be for three weeks.
  • It is always advisable to request the nail technician to file your nails manually when using the dipping powder applications. Besides the convenience factor, it is comfortable and pain-free.
  • The application times for dipping powder and gel polish are generally the same. However, removing the dipping powder is quick and convenient.
  • Using dip powder applications can strengthen your nails because of calcium and Vitamin E supplements present in these powders. NuGenesis is one of the best dipping powders that come to mind. The best part of using this powder application is that the results are immediately visible after the initial application cycle. People habituated to using dip powder applications have noticeable healthier and more beautiful nails.
  • Many women are allergic to gel and shellac manicures. The dip powder applications are ideal for such people. NuGenesis does not use harsh chemicals and primers that one would otherwise find on gel and acrylic nail polishes.

Applying Nugenesis Powder Is a Simple Process.

  • Trim your nails using an electric nail file or get a qualified manicurist to do this job.
  • A fine sandpaper drum or pumice stone should prove helpful in eliminating excess cuticle and nail shine.
  • The first part is to apply NuGenesis Prep Liquid to the entire nail surface. Allow it to air dry.
  • Apply a gel base to cover 3/4th of the nail surface. NuGenesis Nail Base Gel should be ideal.
  • Dip your nails carefully into the NuGenesis Nail Dip Powder one by one and tap the excel powder that sticks to the gel. You can also use a special brush to remove the excess dust.
  • Straighten the finger and place it gently into the French dipping Mold filled with French powder. Tap away the excess powder gently. It is better to seek a nail technician’s assistance rather than trying it out on your own.
  • Now, quickly dip the entire nail into the Pink Dip Powder and tap gently to remove the excess powder sticking to the nail.
  • Applying a second coating of the base gel is advisable for an excellent coat. Repeat all the steps enumerated above.
  • Finally, apply the activator liquid and allow the nail polish to air dry for 30 seconds.
  • Use an electric file to buff the nails.
  • Do not use soap while washing your hands.
  • If required, you can apply an additional coat of nail activator liquid and dry it for about 15 seconds.
  • Use the nail finish gen to apply a light coat and air dry for a couple of minutes without touching the nails.

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Final Thoughts

Nails are the windows through which you can show your beauty to the world. Anyone would admire well-manicured nails. Using high-quality applications can NuGenesis Dip Powder enhances the overall beauty and takes it to extreme levels. It is a genuinely incredible experience in every way.