Removing Dip Powder Is a Crucial Aspect of Your Nail Manicure

A nail manicure is an essential aspect of your cosmetic makeup procedure. It ensures that you look at your impeccable best all the time. You have different nail manicures, such as gel polish, dipping powder, and acrylic. Besides, products like OPI dipping powder make it enchanting to have dipping powder manicures.

Many people feel that removing dip powder manicures can be more challenging than gel polish because it involves excessing filing of your nails. However, the procedure is not as complicated as it seems to be. This article decodes the dip powder removal procedure to make it easy for everyone to understand.

The Dip Powder Removal Process

The Dip Powder Removal Process

Dipping powder manicures are not like gel polish because it is not easy to have a touchup done whenever you need it. Besides, the natural nail growth pushes the dip powder layers necessitating its removal after three to four weeks.

OPI dip nails colors can fade after three to four weeks. Hence, it is critical to remove them before going for the next manicure.

Keep your removal kit handy

The dip powder removal kit contains handy items such as nail files, nail buffs, acetone solution, cotton swabs, aluminum foils, etc.

The OPI dip powder removal procedure

Initially, you must file away the thick dip powder layers and make them as thin as possible to allow easy dissolution in acetone. The best nail polish removing solution is acetone, but it is dehydrating. Hence, one should trim down the dip powder layer as much as possible. However, you should ensure not to expose your nail surface as nail filing can damage it considerably.

The next step is to dip your nails in acetone. The acetone soak is the best way to dissolve dip powder and remove them. However, a complete acetone soak can expose your fingers and skin more to acetone and cause dehydration.

The ideal alternative is to soak cotton swabs in acetone and place them over the nails. Then, you can wrap the fingertips with aluminum wraps and keep the cotton swabs in place. It enables the acetone to seep into the dip powder layer and dissolve it.

The aluminum wrap procedure does not allow you to remove dip powder from all your fingers together. Instead, you have to do it one hand at a time. However, if you visit a nail salon, you can remove dip nail powder simultaneously in all the fingers.

The trick is to maintain the acetone soak for more than 30 minutes to dissolve the OPI dipping powder. After half an hour, you can remove the aluminum wrap to check whether the removal procedure is over. The polish layer should slide off on its own. However, if it does not, you have to repeat the process.

If you find the powder layer sliding off easily, you can proceed with cleaning the nails of all acetone residue. Use a cuticle pusher to help the layer slide off the nails. However, you should not push them too hard as it can scrap the nail enamel and cause injuries.

You should clean your nails using medicated soap and lots of water on removing the polish. The acetone can seep into your skin and remove the moisture. Hence, using a lot of water can help replenish the water content on your nails.

Finally, you massage your nails with cuticle oil to help retain sufficient moisture. Acetone can take a heavy toll on your nails. Therefore, pampering the nails is essential for their healthy growth.

A Word of Caution

Many women rush into the next manicures immediately after removing the existing OPI powder colors. It is not the right thing to do. Your nails are at their most vulnerable after the dip powder removal process. The nail bed can be soft. Thus, having the next manicure immediately can injure your nails. Besides, your nails require some breathing space. Therefore, it is advisable to have a week’s gap between the removal and the next manicure.

Meanwhile, it would help nourish your nails by massaging them with cuticle oil. Of course, you can also have a healthy diet and accelerate the rehydrating process.

Dip powder nails and gel nails have similar nail polish removing methods. However, it is different for nail acrylic. While dip powder and gel nail polish removal are convenient, acrylic nails consume a lot of time.

Final Words

This article discussed how to remove OPI dipping powder. You would have found the procedure to be easy to master. However, the acetone soak and wrap is the most challenging aspect of this removal process.

While removing dip powder is crucial, it is critical to have a gap of more than a week to ten days to allow the nails to regain their original health.