Why Is Nail Art More and More Attractive to Girls?

Surely everyone wants to have clean and beautiful hands at all times. It will not be a luxury if our hands are well cared for, nails are neatly trimmed and quality products are used for nail design. Using colors with vivid art patterns on your nails, your hands will become much more attractive. Because of this, nail art is becoming more and more popular as well as DND gel polish is also increasingly known and used more widely to serve the increasing beauty needs of all of us.

DND gel polish

In this article, We will explain why today’s young people are so passionate about nail art and love DND gel polish so much. Maybe after this article, you will find your passion for nail art!

DND gel polish is a popular health and beauty product. Colored or transparent paint is applied to the finger or toe to decorate and protect the area. Through the process of research and improvement, DND has launched many lines of nail care products, nail art products and today, this brand has created the best DND gel polish to increase the effectiveness of use and easy to access to customers.

Let’s Find out the Development History of Nail Polish

Nail polish was first used in France in the 20s of the 19th century. When it first became a phenomenon, nail polish was not accepted by most people in France. There is a strong belief that people who use bright nail polishes are hiding something. They believe that these connoisseurs are trying to hide a flaw in their body or hide the results of dirty labor.

After nail polish broke through stereotypes and negative stigmas, it had another rival. Colored nail polish now faces stylish gloves. However, gloves became less and less popular, and so the cosmetology industry began to flourish.

The nails used now are actually a refined version of car paint. The chemical formula has been slightly altered to make it suitable for use on a softer and more flexible surface such as a human nail, while the original formulation is suitable for the tough surface of cars. Further changes were made to make the formula improved in durability, making the nails more breathable and resistant to scratches. Nail polish has been invented to show that it is more water soluble than the old one, so it is less harmful to the environment if not handled properly. Because nail polish is designed to last, it can be difficult to remove, use the correct nail remover products to remove the polish.

Interesting Things about DND Gel Polish That You Need to Know

DND gel polish palette since its appearance has stormed all over the United States and then spread its influence to many other countries around the world because of its durability and extremely diverse colors.

Talking about the advantages, DND gel polish is very popular with consumers and it is highly appreciated by fans for its beautiful glossy color and good color retention. When completing a set of nails with DND gel polish, your nails can be kept for at least two weeks without fear of peeling or breaking the nail. Currently, it is not difficult to find DND gel polish on display for use in nail salons around the world, with significant improvement it is considered the best DND gel polish colors.

DND brand is not only famous for gel nail polish but also known for many other lines of emulsion and jelly paint. Particularly, the gel nail polish line has high coverage, smoothness and absolutely no grit. In addition, it is really easy to use, even if you are newbie to manicure, you can still use it without fear of skin irritation.

In general, this line of gel nail polish is safe for health, durable, and the color palette is also extremely diverse.


After using DND gel polish, you can comfortably do housework, pick up vegetables, wash dishes, wash your hair without fear of peeling paint or old paint color. This is definitely the perfect choice for you when you want to create a well-groomed look at all times for your hands to make a good impression on everyone. But of course, when your nails grow long, you can’t hide the new nail that isn’t gel-coated. When this mark is revealed, it is time for you to “break the gel” to make it beautiful again.